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Welcome to Haag Performance

Following a long and successful tenure as Rebello Racing’s chief spec miata engine builder, mechanic Mike Haag has stepped out on his own. ¬†Learn more about Mike and his handiwork as we post news, results and photos from the shop and track.

If you are looking for Mazda-related engine, transmission or differential work, give Mike a call for a quote.  Working with Mazdas for more than 35 years, he has the experience needed to achieve your goals be it successful weekend warrior or National championship.

8 Responses to “Welcome to Haag Performance”

  1. Dante Paulazzo says:

    I am a SCCA & NASA spec miata racer, Mike Haag takes care of all my engine and transmission service, tunning(Dyno), repairs, rebuilding, and has delivered solid reliable top performance results. If your looking for engine, trany or diff work, call Haag Performance.

  2. kiwi says:

    wellcome to the web site world mike. Mike has been my mechanic, engine builder, and crew cheif for a number of years. With mikes help i have won serveal nasa and scca chapionships. if you are ready to get to the next level of racing go talk to mike haag he will help you achieve your goals. he,ll figure it out mate ! thanks mate kiwi

  3. Donna says:

    I am married to Mike Haag, we have been involved with racing for more than 26 of our 28 years of marriage, he has worked with many race teams over the years, he puts his all in everything he does. He started as a young man working on Mazdas with his father at his shop and then worked for Mazda in many dealerships. He was at one time ASE Certified with Mazda. He has worked on RX2’s, RX3’s, RX7’s all three gernerations and now specializing in Mazda Miata. He also can build all many other types of race engines.
    He has been known as Mazda Mike, The Mazda Magician, and Haagie.
    Just call Haag Performance for help and or a quote.
    Haag Performance is the way to go!

  4. Laurence says:

    Just stopping by to say hello to uncle Mike…welcome to the web world…I’mmmmm Done.

  5. tim fish says:

    nice job mike on the site looks great now if you need a real driver let me know im ready to tear up the track

  6. toadman says:

    haggie : great motor in our rx3 60 hours and still going strong. we’ll probably freshen it up this off season. We’ll be back strong 2011 regional champ? Ackerman watch your back. Toad and Bubba.

  7. Dion Johnson says:

    I have contracted Mike to build the engine and transmission for my 25 hour endurance E3 Miata. I have confidence in the performance and durability of Haag products. Watch for us in December 2010…

  8. Russell Lepper says:

    Sup mike? Nice page you have here. Going to be in the Oakland area
    In about a month. We should hang out. I miss you man! Keep
    up all the good work. I’ll see you soon.

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