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Dyno Tuning

At Haag Performance we offer full dyno tuning service to all our Spec Miata and other engine customers, as well as to anyone who needs it, regardless of the engine builder…..and dyno tuning is possibly the least money that you will spend to get the best return on your racing dollar! The HP gained per dollar spent is normally higher than any other work you can do on your car.

The portable DynoJet rolling chassis dynamometer that we use is the industry standard in dyno’s and provides accurate real time measurement of the engine output and a host of variables that we use to tune your engine to maximum output. It has a full weather station so that we can tune specifically for the current weather conditions or remove the weather conditions from the equation and give you results that will work at any track.

While some cars arrive at our dyno very close to optimum tune, it is not uncommon to find Spec Miata motors where just a few pulls on the dyno and a small amount of tuning will yield gains of more than 10HP and 10ftlbs of Torque.  Gains like this on cars with only 120HP are significant and make the difference from running near the front or running mid pack.

While the car is on the dyno we are able to observe, set and optimize many parameters that affect engine performance:

  • Base ignition timing
  • ECU timing and control
  • Sensor checking (crankshaft, camshaft, O2, IAT)
  • Coil output
  • Air Fuel ratio adjustment
  • Fuel injector delivery and pulse length

Remember that dyno tuning is both an art and a science. The data and science provided by the dyno computer is just the start. This information gives us black and white information that forms the basis of what we do next, and that is the art. A highly skilled and intuitive dyno tuner, in order to get the most of that engine, needs to add to the data a range of parameters that include the track it will be racing at, and where the power and torque need to be in the RPM range for that track (tuning for peak HP and TQ often yield a less than optimum result) the skill level and aggressiveness of the driver driving it, the nature of the competition in the field that it will be racing in drivers request regarding where he wants to be on the performance vs. durability graph. Additionally, we are also able to do negative pulls and check your rolling resistance that will highlight areas for future work in terms of transmission, differential, wheel bearings, brake caliper drag and more:

  • Calibrate on car AF ratio sensors to dyno data
  • Do track specific tunes
  • High HP for tracks with long 5th gear straights
  • High TQ for tracks with elevation changes or where grunt is needed out of corner

Please call, text or Facebook Mike Haag to schedule tuning.

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