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At Haag Performance we offer full dyno tuning service to all our Spec Miata and other engine customers, as well as to anyone who needs it, regardless of the engine builder…..and dyno tuning is possibly the least money that you will spend to get the best return on your racing dollar! The HP gained per dollar spent is normally higher than any other work you can do on your car.

The portable DynoJet rolling chassis dynamometer that we use is the industry standard in dyno’s and provides accurate real time measurement of the engine output and a host of variables that we use to tune your engine to maximum output. It has a full weather station so that we can tune specifically for the current weather conditions or remove the weather conditions from the equation and give you results that will work at any track.

While some cars arrive at our dyno very close to optimum tune, it is not uncommon to find Spec Miata motors where just a few pulls on the dyno and a small amount of tuning will yield gains of more than 10HP and 10ftlbs of Torque.  Gains like this on cars with only 120HP are significant and make the difference from running near the front or running mid pack.

While the car is on the dyno we are able to observe, set and optimize many parameters that affect engine performance:

  • Base ignition timing
  • ECU timing and control
  • Sensor checking (crankshaft, camshaft, O2, IAT)
  • Coil output
  • Air Fuel ratio adjustment
  • Fuel injector delivery and pulse length

Remember that dyno tuning is both an art and a science. The data and science provided by the dyno computer is just the start. This information gives us black and white information that forms the basis of what we do next, and that is the art. A highly skilled and intuitive dyno tuner, in order to get the most of that engine, needs to add to the data a range of parameters that include the track it will be racing at, and where the power and torque need to be in the RPM range for that track (tuning for peak HP and TQ often yield a less than optimum result) the skill level and aggressiveness of the driver driving it, the nature of the competition in the field that it will be racing in drivers request regarding where he wants to be on the performance vs. durability graph. Additionally, we are also able to do negative pulls and check your rolling resistance that will highlight areas for future work in terms of transmission, differential, wheel bearings, brake caliper drag and more:

  • Calibrate on car AF ratio sensors to dyno data
  • Do track specific tunes
  • High HP for tracks with long 5th gear straights
  • High TQ for tracks with elevation changes or where grunt is needed out of corner

Please call, text or Facebook Mike Haag to schedule tuning.

Haag Performance recently caught up with Andrew Holifield, who won 1st Place ITA at the Spec Miata Festival Sonoma Raceway 7/2/17 . When asked about his love of racing and how it all started he had this to say:

“My love for racing started as a kid playing racing video games with my free time. As I got older the racing games got more and more realistic and eventually in 2006 I went to my first high performance driving event. The track day was run by Hooked on Driving, I drove Thunderhill in my street car, and it was a blast! I was hooked.

In 2007 my Dad decided to go to SCCA driver’s school to see what it was like. My brother and I crewed for him later that year at several races. The following year, 2008, my brother and I went to SCCA driver’s school ourselves and we’ve all been racing ever since! We’ve been sharing a Spec Miata (sometimes two) between the 3 of us drivers. On a given weekend whoever isn’t driving is typically crewing to help keep the car running or being on radios during the race.

I enjoy sprint racing several times a year as well as coaching with various track day groups. I try to drive Thunderhill, Laguna Seca, and Sonoma Raceway each at least once a year. In 2015,  I participated in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill for the first time as a driver and then again in 2016. My dad, brother, and I are currently building an NB SWpec Miata that we hope to have on track soon and are looking forward to many more years of racing!”

We are looking forward to seeing the new NB Spec Miata out on the track soon.  Keep up the good work Andrew!

Tupper Hull has campaigned his 1990 Spec Miata since 2005 and was the SCCA ITA Regional Champion in 2015 and 2016.  He placed second in the Spec Miata Toyo (SMT) championship in 2016.  Tupper was a mid-pack racer until he connected with Mike Haag and Haag Performance.  He not only benefited from the professional engineering provided by Mike, he was helped tremendously by the guidance and coaching Mike provided to help him become a better, faster driver.  Tupper currently shares shop space with Haag Performance Sacramento and helps out at the shop when he can.

We look forward to seeing Tupper out on the track!

Tupper at NasaNorcal Sonoma Raceway June 18, 2017 with grandson

Haag Performance has moved to a much larger space in Sacramento to support our engine, transmission, differential and driveline work. The new address is 8230 Belevedere, Suite C, Sacramento, CA 95240. Here’s a couple of photos of the space as we were preparing to move in, look how big it is!

Check us out on Facebook and keep up to date this season.

Dante Paulazzo wins ITA on Saturday July 28 at Thunderhill.! Great Job Dante!

Thank you for another Haag Performance win.


Mike does great work, delivers on time, and charges fairly for his work. He has decades of experience working on Mazda cars, and when my race car needed a new engine, Mike was the logical choice. Mike built the engine from a donated core, and dyno-tuned the car for best performance. With the new motor, the car sounds great and runs even better, I can definitely tell the difference in pickup. I know where I will go for the next Miata racing engine

Haag Performance has a new Service to be able to provide to our customers.  Fuel injection checking, cleaning and flowing service. Please call Mike for an appointment.  If you say you saw it on our website, you will get a $10.00 discount.

Fuel Injection Service

Haag Performance

Five star rating on


Mike Haag and his family at Haag Performance are top notch. Besides being an excellent engine builder, he provides exceptional service. I came to him off a referral from another friend of mine and I was not disappointed. My engine died in my 91 Miata, a track car, and Mike and his staff helped get another engine in the car and back on the road in no time. He was fast and fair with pricing of the labor to get my engine replaced and other miscellaneous parts replacement (clutch/engine mounts/seals/timing belt/water pump/fluids). I experienced a small issue after the repair and Mike rectified that issue very quickly. Highly recommended business if you are looking to get a very knowledgeable Miata engine rebuilder. Oh, and my car runs much faster than it ever did.

We have moved our shop two shops down from were we were. We are not completly done yet but are still doing business as usual. With our new shop we will be able to function and take care of our customers a lot better.  We have much more room to work with. We are excited with what new experiences our shop will bring. Come by and see us and or give a call.

874 How Road unit B  Martinez, CA 94553   Phone: 925-783-9409

Haag Performance new look